Applying for financial aid can be intimidating. But finances should not be a roadblock to getting your education and making your dreams come true. Below is a step-by-step 帮助您完成申请流程的指南-记住,我们一直在这里 to help you at every step.

    • 填写FAFSA -此表格收集有关您的家庭的信息来确定 the amount of assistance you might qualify for.
    • 如果您被选中进行验证(联邦质量控制过程),您将 be asked to provide additional information to the school.
    • If you need addition assistance Federal Student Loans are available to help
    • 记得定期检查你的经济援助状况,看看我们是否需要额外的 forms, or to see your financial aid award offer.
    • Remember, if you believe you have special circumstances, reach out to us. Together we can find a solution.

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